Month: May 2015

Too much “bressure”?

Channel Mum have got their regular vloggers to film some short videos about them discussing their baby feeding journey, whether it be breast or bottle and tell everyone about the pressure they were under (or not) to breastfeed. ┬áIt came off the back of this article about the pressures to breastfeed or ‘bressure’ if you Read More

What pregnancy and being a Mum has taught me so far

Its not been long, Adam is almost 15 weeks so I’m sure I have a LOT to learn but early motherhood is a unique time I think, it’s like being dropped by surprise from a great height in to water and being expected to swim straight away. Fun! So, the lessons so far: 1. My Read More

The curse of ‘mumbod’

  I know, I know. I shouldn’t call it a curse. Not when all those lovely ladies are flaunting their glorious ‘mumbods’ all over the internet. Apparently I should be proud of it. Now, I’m not for a second saying I’m not proud of what my body was capable of in creating Adam, of course Read More

Things people say/ask when you’ve had a baby

When I was pregnant, and I’m sure this applies to everyone who has been pregnant, people asked the same questions day-in and day-out: “Are you excited?” “Are you nervous?” “Have you been sick/keeping well?” “Have you had any cravings?” – this one was very common and when I said no everyone was always very disappointed, Read More

Welcome one and all!

I’m Viki, recently turned 30 (eeek! I’m a grown up!) I live in Ayrshire, Scotland with my husband, Kris and our 11 month old baby boy, Adam.  And of course….the cat, grandly titled Professor Duncan Jefferson, or just Duncan if you prefer. I have just returned to work after a year of maternity leave which Read More