Life’s too short, right?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how quickly time passes. Sound like a proper old lady but it’s been on my mind. I am that Mum that tells everyone how quickly time goes, one minute you have a newborn then you suddenly have a Peppa loving toddler with a dangerous obsession with climbing things.  Read More

He turned 1

   Adam turned 1 this week. Insane. It has, without a doubt, been the best year of my life. But I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I find it so strange that although this year has been life changing for his Dad and I, he won’t remember a single bit of it. All Read More

Week one – done

So I’ve done it! Week one of back to work is complete. Phew! I wanted to update the blog for those of you who read my last post because a few of you got in touch to say you were about to go through similar and were dreading it.  I’m not going to lie, nursery Read More

The end is near

Maternity leave is coming to an end. I cannot believe it. Where did it go? I finished work on the 26th of January this year and return after the Christmas break on the 5th. You think it’s all going to be different and that so much will have changed but I reckon it won’t have.   How Read More

A little taste of freedom

Let me start by saying something I shouldn’t even have to say, but for fear of being judged I will say it any way. I adore my son. I love spending my days with him, teaching him, watching him learn, laughing at him and with him. His smiles and his squishy little gorgeous face.  But, Read More

Holiday with the baby = done!

I can hear 21 year old Viki and Kris crying somewhere in the corner of my mind when they find out life changed dramatically.  No more kid-free, sunbathing, cocktail drinking holidays for a while. We have just returned from our happy holiday to the Lake District, where it rained, and it was chilly, most of Read More

Viki 2.0

Hi! Remember me? I’m Viki. Formerly “Just Viki” now “Mummy then Viki”.    It’s only been 19 weeks (and I know how annoying that is to non-parents so 4.5 months!) but I have realised how easy it is to completely lose yourself when you have a child. It’s weird…you’re still ultimately you but you’re not. Read More

Honesty is the best (parenting) policy

I’ve been reading a lot recently about how we “should all be more honest” about what being a parent is like, that the wonderful pictures on Instagram of perfect Mums with perfectly sleeping babies are not the norm and that people are only putting on social media the stuff that makes their lives look rosey. Read More

Can women have it all? Do we even want “it all”?

  I will no doubt have a lot of push back from people on this. But that’s the spice of life, everyone has their own opinion and experiences so go with me on this one! So, can women have it all? By “all” I mean a career plus children plus partner plus home etc and do Read More

Parent-bashing on Facebook

Why do people complain about parents on Facebook posting things about their children? Or why do people claim it annoys them but do nothing about it? The unfriend button is RIGHT THERE PEOPLE! I get it, if someone on your friend list is posting 20 photos and statuses a day about what their child is up Read More

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