Parent-bashing on Facebook

Why do people complain about parents on Facebook posting things about their children?

Or why do people claim it annoys them but do nothing about it?

The unfriend button is RIGHT THERE PEOPLE!

I get it, if someone on your friend list is posting 20 photos and statuses a day about what their child is up to then yes, they are a massive over-sharing offender but I don’t know if there is anyone that actually does that? Do they?

Don’t go elsewhere and start parent-bashing.  I’ve read a lot of blogs this week from people (who are mainly non-parents) moaning about Mums posting pictures of their ‘snotty-faced kids’ and it really winds me up. People are allowed to post photos of their dogs/new iPhones/their super-food green smoothie/selfies (oh the endless selfies) but somehow me posting a cute photo of my baby achieves a massive eye roll. Really? I just went through the most life changing experience of my life. Deal with it. I am going to post about my baby because he is my life now. When you asked or agreed to be my ‘friend’ on Facebook that’s what you signed up for….my life.

I realise this sounds like a mega-rant and I suppose it is.  I’m not even ashamed! Maybe I’m unusual though because before I had Adam I loved seeing my friends’ babies on social media, it keeps me connected to them and those kiddies are damn cute! So maybe it’s just a case of who you choose to be friends with really. If you choose to be friends with someone on FB then you have “agreed” that you are now going to see each other’s lives, or at least the parts of it you are willing to share. And if you’re friends with me you’re going to get baby pics.  I won’t post every move he makes though and I will tell you what, I will put up with pictures of cocktails and drunken nights out as a compromise.

So can everyone stop moaning and just hit ‘unfriend’?  I’m honestly ok with that.