The curse of ‘mumbod’


I know, I know. I shouldn’t call it a curse. Not when all those lovely ladies are flaunting their glorious ‘mumbods’ all over the internet. Apparently I should be proud of it.

Now, I’m not for a second saying I’m not proud of what my body was capable of in creating Adam, of course I am proud of myself for growing this (massive) baby for 41 weeks and giving birth to him but honestly, I can’t say I’m pleased with the aftermath. Oh my tummy, how I long for my toned tummy!

The whole ‘mumbod’ thing has become a bit of a controversial topic in the last week or so because Buzzfeed decided to celebrate the ‘dadbod’.  I thought it was hilarious, but apparently some ladies got angry and suggested we should actually be celebrating the ‘mumbod’, stretch marks and saggy bits galore.  Which is also absolutely fine, I have no problem celebrating these things equally but then it all became very serious and the media suggested crazy feminists couldn’t take the ‘dadbod’ joke.  Phew!  It was exhausting.  Everyone needs to lighten up a bit.

Any way, slight side-track.  I only had Adam 14 weeks ago now but I am back at the ‘fat club’ aka Slimming World to prevent my new found ‘mumbod’ getting any more grotesque than it was getting!  I guess I’m hard on myself because before I got pregnant I had lost 2.5 stone and was lifting weights like a boss and running 10k races and I felt like I had totally let myself go.  I’m 30 in November, I want to be back to some sort of recognisable normal for me.

I sort of just wish I was ok being a size 16 but I’m not.  And I truly believe everyone needs to be the size that makes them, and keeps them, happy.  When I’m bigger I let it define me, when I’m smaller I don’t even think about it.  I HATE when girls obsess about their weight and call themselves fat when clearly they are wearing size 10 skinny jeans.  I get they might not be happy with themselves but for goodness sake, you are not fat!  And to be honest who even cares?  I want to be someone that people remember for my personality and not how I look.  Girls, we are more than just numbers on the scales.  All the things we are – career women, mums, friends, wives and girlfriends not to mention smart, funny, strong and loving – are so much more important than numbers.

I’m losing weight to make sure I don’t lose sight of all the other things that I am.  I will keep you updated on how it’s going!

And for goodness sake, don’t post motivational quotes on my Facebook, I hate those (what a cynic!):

I much prefer:Be kind to yourself – you’re fabulous!