What pregnancy and being a Mum has taught me so far

Its not been long, Adam is almost 15 weeks so I’m sure I have a LOT to learn but early motherhood is a unique time I think, it’s like being dropped by surprise from a great height in to water and being expected to swim straight away. Fun!

So, the lessons so far:

1. My body is capable of amazing things.

Growing up you just think of your body as something people judge you by. Is she fat/thin/pretty/ugly? What is she wearing? Why does her hair look like that? But after you experience being pregnant you realise that none of that really matters. The female body can do cool things, like grow and feed a baby. Well done body!

2. I love my husband even more than I did before. (Gross right?!)

Seeing your other half as a parent is mind-blowing. And sharing this tiny little amazing person is the most bonding thing I’ve experienced. I get that it can be difficult through the sleepless stage and the running around constantly worrying when the next feed/change/nap will be but if you take a step back, it’s overwhelming.

3. That we should’ve done it sooner

Self explanatory really! Why did we wait so long? But then it wouldn’t have been Adam…

4. That pregnancy is hard work – and not the “amazing, wonderful” time that some women claim it is

I sometimes feels like I was in the minority when I admitted to not really like being pregnant! Of course I was pleased I was having a baby but for me it was a means to an end that I can’t say I “enjoyed” particularly. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great! Being exhausted and sick and MASSIVE just didn’t really float my boat. Women should be more honest without fearing others might think they are some sort of evil Mum-to-be.

Me on my due date – I still had 6 days to go – sob

5. It’s a full time job plus overtime

Feeding, changing, settling actually takes all day! Before I know it Kris walks back in the door from work. When will I ever get the time to be a Mummy and work as well?!

6. It is capable to forget you even had a job or worked for 4 years at uni to get there!

Nuff said

7. I am actually capable of looking after a baby despite not knowing very much in the beginning

Becoming a Mum is scary! You can be as prepared as the most prepared person in the world with the clothes/nappies/feeding paraphanelia but you will never be prepared enough for the overwhelming feelings a baby brings! But please, be prepared with the practical things…it’s a weight off your mind.

8. Your baby is the most hilarious/clever/cute baby ever born

Nobody else thinks so (well outside of grandparents) but you will think everything your baby does is the best ever. And of course better than every other baby ever.

9. You don’t actually mind getting up in the middle of the night

Well I found this to be true! The thought is much worse than the reality. However I’m one of those parents that people curse whose child has slept through from 7 weeks. I will be blessed with a tyrant baby next time I’m sure!

10. It’s ok to struggle and cry – just talk to somebody!

Although Adam is generally a laid back baby, he has had his days of screaming all day when I’ve been sitting rocking back and forth crying and going out of my mind! I just wish women would talk about it more. I heavily relied on Kris and my Mum to reassure me that “this too shall pass”

I’m sure there are many many more – and I am sure there are many more to come!